Our History

In 1974, a community spirit was born, fueled by the desire to prepare for a bicentennial celebration in 1976. As the planning began, churches, organizations, businesses and individuals organized fundraising activities which eventually produced more than enough to cover the cost of the three-day celebration. Faced with the pleasant task of determining what to do with more than $13,000 remaining, the FCA was born.

A survey was developed and sent to residents to find out what each person considered a priority for the growing community of Fredericksburg. The results were overwhelmingly in favor of a facility which would provide healthcare services, such as counseling, dental, optometric and medical. After much planning the FCA’s board of directors received land donated by Dale Richard, Sr. and used the excess funds to construct the Fredericksburg Community Health Center building which was dedicated on April 28, 1981. Today the FCHC offers the services of physicians, nurses, dentists, counselors, and an optometrist, in an expanded building in Fredericksburg, with a satellite office in Jonestown.

The survey also revealed a desire for a library and through the volunteer efforts of many people, a library was opened in the basement of the FCHC building. Eventually, with private donations of more than $25,000, the library was moved to the former Hope Bible Church building in the center of town and named the Kathryn Richard Memorial Library. The Matthews Public Library, as it is now known, resides in a beautiful, new facility in the town square.


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