Our History

In 1974, a community spirit was born, fueled by the desire to prepare for a bicentennial celebration in 1976. As the planning began, churches, organizations, businesses and individuals organized fundraising activities which eventually produced more than enough to cover the cost of the three-day celebration. Faced with the pleasant task of determining what to do with more than $13,000 remaining, the Fredericksburg Community Association, Inc. was born.

The Board of Directors for the Fredericksburg Community Association applied the remaining funds to the construction of the Fredericksburg Community Health Center which provided healthcare services, such as counseling, dental, optometric and medical to the community. 


The FCC was dedicated to Mr and Mrs Dale E. Richards, Sr for their hard work, life long devotion and  generosity toward Fredericksburg to make it a better place to live.


In 1997 the community center was built to provide the community with a facility to host memorable events such as weddings, anniversaries, graduation and birthday parties.

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